Midnight is a side project I’ve been working on for the past year. It's a place for networked writing. You can think of it as write.as meets roam. Figuratively, it aims to be the web equivalent of your local pub. a place you can go to and talk about your day with strangers or friends. then when you leave, it doesn’t follow you home. think of it more as a speakeasy actually - hidden from the outside world but very warm inside. It's not there to scale. It's there for all of us to write and have a good time.

From a conceptual standpoint, it revolves around two key concepts, Entry and Reference. Everything you write is an Entry. Every text you see in here is one. In an entry, you can reference any other entry (type / to see the list). This will link them together bi-directionally. With those two simple constructs it's possible to create the equivalent of a hashtag, of a comment (with an inbox), of a hierarchy of content.

Entries can be private or public and have their own theme, when they are public, they will be published directly to midnight.pub's home page. A common place where you can see what everyone's about.

Here's a video.