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Midnight Pub's Manual

The following is written on a chalkboard at the entrance of the pub, you can see it's been erased and rewritten multiple times.

Welcome to the Midnight, kind stranger! This little establishment aims to become your hide-out amidst the sprawling metropolis of bits and data the internet has become. Our furnitures might be a little old-school, but they'll hopefully offer you a dose of coziness which will only get enhanced by the bartender's carefully-crafted cocktails. You are currently standing in the entrance. If you look around, you will find the bar with its stools and jukebox, the lounge with fire crackling in the fireplace and a terrace that's open during the summer with a few tables. - m15o

The Midnight is an internet message-board where you can share your thoughts and connect with others. It's a slow place where reading is as important as writing. It's built to be small and favors quality of interaction over quantity.

The pub is reachable from the Web and Gemini. Gemini is a small-internet protocol. You can think of it as an alternate Web where only markdown-like (gemtext) documents are available, no html, css nor javascript. Because of its simplicity, Gemini offers a perfect medium for the Midnight, and uses it as its default content-type. The Web version converts from gemtext to html to display its content.

How to register

To create an account, you will need a key. To get one, send an email to Once you receive your key, head to the following place to create your account:



The main way to interact on the Midnight is by writing posts. To create a post, you need a title and a content. The content allows the gemtext syntax:

# Top level title
## Second level title
### Third level title

* List item
* List item

> Quoted text

=> :// This is a link
Read more about gemtext (web)
Read more about gemtext (gemini)


Midnight lets you host your personal homepage, available at Here's an example:


You can create any kind of page. To make one accessible from gemini, make sure to use the .gmi extension. A gemini page is also viewable from the web.

Theme (web)

If you are visiting from the web, you might be thinking, "hey, this pub looks... basic?". And you'd be right! From the outside, the Midnight is just simple HTML. However, anyone can give it the style they want. Just head over to your account page, and click the "Theme" link. Feel free to inject any CSS you'd like in there.

Post using your terminal

It's possible to write posts and replies from your terminal using the following bash script:

Nightfall City

The Midnight is located in...

A small alley, on Main Street, Nightfall City

Matrix room

tskaalgard has created a matrix room available on, or directly through:!

Source code


The Midnight Pub has its own virtual pub etiquette so that everyone feels welcome and included.