Midnight Pub

Pirates, Goblins and Cider


The windows of the pub are shaking from the wind blowing fiercly outside. I turn toward Shiloh as I refill the empty cup of coffee, thinking about what it could have been like to be faring the see onboard a pirate ship:

The Whydah, the most successful pirate ship of recent years, laden with treasures from Cuba, the Antilles, Haiti, and Virginia, is caught in a nor'easter off Cape Cod. Its captain, Black Sam Bellamy, ever-fearless, knows the ship is doomed.

Yet, the rain pouring outside intensifies and clatters with more intensity on the windows. Inquiry seems calm - that's not the first storm he's witnessed.

Hey, I'm Joneworlds, but you can call me Jone. I'm new. I don't feel like drinking tonight, maybe I'll just have a cup of coffee. Ah what the heck, can I get a shot of baileys in there too.

Welcome to the Midnight, Jone. Let me help you with the coat. Glad you were able to find your way around here even with that weather outside.

Now, I don't remember anything in there about centaurs and goblins gradually coming back, although I did skip over some parts. But what I'm saying is that probably most places don't even have any centaurs at all, yet, and to people from those places I guess my journal does seem a bit out there.

I haven't seen any of those creatures inhabiting this place yet. But hey, if they pay, I'll gladly serve them some cocktails.

Speaking of cocktails. As I was exploring the city earlier today, I found a recipe that I'd love to try.

Dave's Mulled Cider

According to its author,

It tasted delicious and proved popular

Sounds like something to add to the pub's menu.