Midnight Pub

Vacation #1 and Friendship


Good evening everyone. It's been a little while! I've been on vacation in the southern US for the past few days to visit some very good friends of mine and have rented a nice (secluded) airbnb to stay in for my trip.

I've really been enjoying myself. We have done a lot of shopping and sightseeing and we have a lot more things planned before the trip is over! I've been having so much fun, I have barely had the time to even come online and see what's happening on the internet. It's a really nice feeling to be surrounded by people who love you and just focus on having fun and having a good time. I'm having so much fun I don't want it to end! But, I have lot more things planned for the summer, especially with my birthday coming up so soon, so I won't be so sad when it's time to go back home. June is usually a very wonderful month for me. It's even better when your mind isn't being plagued by the misery and pessimism of the modern web and social media. Forever grateful to have such wonderful friends, friendships like these are very rare these days I believe. ESPECIALLY in adulthood.

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying summer so far. It's been pretty hot lately, but nothing a cool glass of lemonade can't fix I'm sure! Bartender if you would be so kind...


Glad to hear it, and I'm vibing on that too. Currently on holiday with the extended family of my SO. Cannot speak a lick of their language, and they none of mine, but we're getting along.

Plus, kids are the great equalizer, and speak the universal language of FUN!

Have a great holiday!