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Hello there-

I must say, the idea of a website built entirely around short-form text posts does appeal to me. I'm a bit of a wordsmith, having compiled mounds of literature in the science fiction/horror vein, and I do generally like the idea of a finely honed missive- sharp, to the point, topical. Some of my favorite narratives are brief- take, for instance, Damon Knight's "Eripmav." That one is pretty short, though still an entertaining zinger in many regards.

I also enjoy the peculiar properties of what you refer to as Gemini text. Creating art via linguistic characters is an appealing prospect, somewhat analogous to pixel art, though of course with a more abstract bent. One of the first examples of this text-based art I recall seeing were called "Typewri-toons" in Mad Magazine. Short little one-panel comics where the people were represented via characters from a typewriter. Really fascinating and innovative concept, and it had a lot in common aesthetically with later implementations of text art, such as text-based computer games. You should definitely check them out if you're interested, they do give me a good chuckle.

Anyway, just thought this would make for a good first post on here. Like I said, I'm big into writing and literature and story composition in general, as well as linguistic cohesion and dialect variances. It comes in handy, in my line of work, to thoroughly analyze methods of communication, as it's my firm belief that the more we understand the process of communication, the better we can communicate.

What are your thoughts?


Hello, nsequeira119, welcome to your new favourite watering hole.

Many thanks for the book recommendation, I've not heard of Damon Knight, I will certainly take a look.

I look forward to seeing more of your posts, hopefully you can provide insight into more great writing, and how to write elegantly, too!



Hello and welcome! I love the concept of the typewriter toons! Do you have anything else in this same vein?



If I recall, there were multiple installments of them in MAD Magazine back in the 70s. Searching for it on Google Images only brings up one excerpt of one installment, but they were a recurring feature if I'm not mistaken.



Ok I’ll have to find them!



Hello ~nsequeira119, good that you found this place.

As said before, they are all in the garden!

~bartender? Whatever the newcomer likes, its on me. And I'll go for another lemonade. Thanks.