Midnight Pub

The Kiosk Down Main Street


"How long have we been open? Two years? We should invest in a proper AC system" says Bartender. And he's right. It's way too hot in here during the summer. Thankfully it gets cooler at night. One of the perks of being in a small alley, mostly in the shade.

As I get in and set on a barstool, I put down on the table a few journals I've taken from a new kiosk I've noticed down the street, not far from the metro station. I don't think I've seen that kiosk before. It's not operated by the city. Or at least, not that I know of. It doesn't distribute the Nightfall Times. It seems to just distribute journals from residents of Nightfall and other cities too.

The Neon Kiosk


I like your HTML journal Emacs mode



ohh thank you!!



This makes me smile!