Midnight Pub

Some help with installing the code for midnight.pub


Hey guys how is everybody? I am wanting to use the code that powers this site for a small community that I am building and wanted to see if anybody can kinda walk me through how to install it. I found the source here for it:


I have a ubuntu server that I will be hosting it on. I just need alittle help on how to build it. :)


How much help do you need? Do you just have a question or are you new to building from source?



well i know more python then go. But I am having issues just installing it. How do i define the env variables? Do I set them in the cfg.go or pass them through when building?



Hiii ~mysliceoftheweb! Happy to see that you're considering using the code. :)

To set the environment variables, you can include them in the command you use to run the executable, e.g.:

VAR1=something VAR2="something else" ./midnight

Let me know where you are and if you are still stuck! You can also mail me directly (m15o at posteo dot net)



m150 thank you for responding to this and build this. I have a question. What do I need to put for these?

SessionKey string

Env string

CertFile string

KeyFile string

CSRFKey string

And do I set these like you showed in your example?