Midnight Pub

hello, everyone


This is gonna be nice. This is TMO, by the way. Trying out a new initial scheme (tffb, or, Too Fast For Blog).

How is everyone?! Good, I hope :)

Excited to see where the NEW Midnight goes, and this seems like a more in-depth version of the previous version. I like it.

So some exciting (almost mind-boggling) news - if/when a good Black Friday deal pops up (online), I will be ordering a NEW MacBook Air (with M1 inside). Talk about a good time for an upgrade! I did this with iPhone, too - waited until a REAL good one came out (the iPhone 5 at the time), and that was my first "real" phone. Well, this is the Mac equivalent to that, and it will be my first "real" computer. Everything I have had previous was either cheap as hell, or refurbished. So, it's sort of a big deal for me :D

Anyway, been blogging as per usual over on Write.as, been doing hella server-related stuffs, as well. But that is on hold until early December, I think.

idk if I can "@"mention someone on here, but if I can, @bartender, I'll take a coffee please? And also, @m15o, great job with the place. Gonna be great!