Midnight Pub



One night at the Midnight, I walk into the pub, and several patrons raise an eyebrow. I'm not wearing my normal casual duds. Instead I grasp a large trenchcoat tightly around my waist. My hairy bare legs can be seen sticking out the bottom and I have a manic look in my eyes. I sidle up close to one very nervous patron trying desperately to pretend I don't exist. "Hey buddy..." I say in a near whisper. I whip open my trenchcoat splaying it wide open with my outstretched hands. Much to the patrons relief, I am fully clothed in kahki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, but the trenchcoat is lined with what look like Gameboy cartridges.

"Wanna try some free games?"


I recently participated in a game jam. Sadly, I didn't finish my entry in time, but I thought some of you might enjoy the other games submitted for the contest.


The blackbird game is aesthetically beautiful



Make a game about a NEET.