Midnight Pub

A tilted balance


Is it late or early? I've lost track of time, and that's good news. Time to add gin to the two shakers in front of me. While the original recipe calls for 1 1/2 oz, I'll add a tad more. The gin won't solve all the problems but it surely lifts the spirits. As I get a hold of both shakers, I recall seeing teacup earlier

Entropy and Balance
"Life is a complicate matter, but it always follows a trend. It starts with nothing, then..."
He pours a steaming liquid into the glass. Amber color, unique flagrance. It's black tea.
" ...then good things happen. You're happy, sometimes even euforic. "
This time he pauses to add in a couple of ice cubes.
"However, one's life can't be so unbalanced. Everything has to reach a balance, hence bad days make their entrance on the stage. "
The ice cubes suddenly shatter.

It's tough to keep up balance when life hits. Yet it's part of life, the good and the bad.

It doesn't help, the knowing. If anything it's worse, the guilt especially. I think I did everything I could, but was there somthing else? Could I have stopped it?

She was the luckiest to have you, oracle. You showed her love until the last instant, and did all you possibly could to save her. There's no regret to have, friend. You are a good person and she'll live through you.

I like the song currently playing on the jukebox. As I'm adding ice to the shakers I realize this is how I find my own balance. As the year is about to end, I'm feeling good. I have no idea where the world is headed, but I don't mind. Like teacup said, there's entropy and balance. And the balance is heavily tilted in one direction right now. I'm now straining the two White Ladies for starbreaker and oracle.

Cheers, gents!