Midnight Pub

Dream XI


06:00 p.m.

I got a new computer.

It looked strange.

There was a detachable screen. And a leather seat. One that you could find in a car.

On the left side of the leather seat, was an embedded keyboard, on the right, a touchpad. They had the same leather finish as the rest of the seat.

It felt like sitting in a car. But it wasn't a car. It was a computer. The screen hovered in front of me. It had no mounting point or base to rest on. It moved along with my head. The keyboard was nice and easy to use.

The seat was comfortable and housed the computer. The heat from the CPU and GPU kept the seat warm. The fans could be cranked up to cool the seat.


+Looks at the housing crisis and looming winter with high gas prices+

Be careful what you wish for.