Midnight Pub

Writer's block


Have you ever experienced the drive to create something, the need to write, the push to build, but get stuck when you get started? I'm experiencing that right now. I want to share, but I'm stuck. I don't know where to start. I don't know what to say. Heck, as I think about it I realize I don't even have anything meaningful to say. But I still feel like I need to. Not so much to share than for myself. When I write, I interact with myself. It's a scary place to explore. It's even harder to open-up. Yet, that's where the meaningful bits are. No wonder it's easier to write when under a bit of substance. It fuels the creativity. Or maybe it just inhibits the mind and allows thoughts to flow without being interrupted by our own rational brain yelling "no, what you write makes no sense". Screw that inhibition. For sure, it doesn't make sense, and so what? Not everything's got to make sense. It's probably okay to go on a strange road and explore it, without knowing exactly where it will lead. Well, most of the time. Of course, if it's the middle of the night and your car doesn't have much more gas it might be best not to take that road. But maybe if you take it, you'll discover new landscapes, new places. Maybe, because one day you decided to take that little road you always see but never take, you'll meet someone that will change your life forever. And in years from now, you'll realize that the secret to creativity is to be curious.