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Learning a programming language is hard. I try and try, yet I just overfill my head with knowledge I don't need and stress myself out. What i really need is an end goal. With python(the language i started with), i haven't got that down unfortunately. I do, however, have a tutor now so that should get me somewhere. As for my personal project, Go, I at least have a goal with that. I want to contribute to the open source community, help others with their own programs, and build the things which will help more in the end. I know, a bit melodramatic, but hey that's my goal! The problem with Go however, is I don't know where to start. Maybe Codecademy, maybe the official docs, I don't know.

Bartender, a coffee please. Its gonna be a long night 


You could always try your hand at writing an imageboard script.



hmmm, I could. But then that would go back to the same problem I struggle with, where do I start?


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I didn't have enough sleep tonight

Hey. To learn a new language from scratch the book series "Head First" has worked great for me. I learned C# in about 2007. Currently, I'm learning Ruby, and I tried learning the basics of Go. Although I lost interest in that language, it could be useful for you. It's OK to learn in a simple way.

I'd say Python is a good language where you can start quickly, and even if I have years of using it, I learn new secrets every year (or the changes between versions). So, learning a language and how to program with it never ends (IMO)

That said, I'd recommend starting with something simple but that's useful for you. For example, I made a simple score calculator for a board game


Or a Telegram Bot to record my daily exercise


Simple stuff but it makes my life a bit easier



Interesting. Where do you find Head First?



I found a few copies in my college library (a lot of years ago so perhaps are outdated now, check for the current edition)

I guess you can find them in your favourite bookstore if you want to buy them and perhaps you can find a digital copy browsing on the web

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