Midnight Pub

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It's early today, so I'll have 'Café de olla' with a toast, please!
The place looks empty but I think people will arrive for digital breakfast soon

Yesterday I found this tool

Ensō—write now, edit later.

You can't copy, paste, or edit blocks. You can type and go back one character at a time. And every line you are writing starts to fade away so you are focusing only on the latest paragraph and, mostly intended, on your current idea.

In fact, I'm using it to write this post (sorry for the typos or grammar stuff :)

I love to read and hear stories, listen to podcasts, and 'watching' videos only paying attention to the voice.

I like this concept of writing in a similar way like you are speaking. Yes, you can go back, but you have to correct yourself.

Also, I've been thinking about reading like you are listening to a stream of ideas, similar to when you turn on your radio and start hearing voices connecting with your mind. You can't rewind, just listen.


cool concept --- though I realise that my brain's inbuilt spellchecker no longer functions as it used to when I was a kid



okay, I think I'll have tea today. :-)

this seems interesting. I've heard of a similar technique to read if it's too hard to focus on a long text, covering all of the page with something but the current sentence

though it's also the repressed human urge to scream in the woods. a private place where you can just put your thoughts and not worry about the form of them so much. that's, at least toward me

I used the idea to write a one-line program that just gets lines from terminal input and does nothing with them, and I can see already that that is such a relief



Thanks for sharing.



Seems interesting, I'll definitely be bookmarking this. And your way of reading, it looks like it might help focus. On the contrary, it would get annoying at times.