Midnight Pub

Long Day Traveling


Oh, nice, I found a wormhole in space time! It says WLAN on the entry. And after fiddling a while with three lines of magic incantations, I am able to send messages through without being sucked in! Great!

~bartender? Just coffee, milk, sugar. Ähm, /real/ coffee, please. That seems like some forgotten art on this side of the wormhole :) And a small bowl of cookies or something. Thanks!

I see the messages of the regulars. Nice. You wanted to hear, how it went? Well. So, so. Game over on mile stone 2. The first flight was just late enough for me to miss the connection by the amount of time it takes to get through the security check, maybe 30 minutes. The lady at the start of the queue didn't even let me proceed after checking my boarding pass. Oh well. I got rerouted. I got to visit yet another time zone. I got to see one of the worlds largest air ports. After 22 hours I had to climb into a rental car and drive to the hotel "at the airport", some 10 miles down the highway. Zombie mode of my brain included and all. I arrived. :) But I'm getting too old for this game.

On the bright side: we upgraded the fancy machine and it came back to life without much fuzz! Yay. Thanks to everyone involved on the supporting end.

~bartender? A round to everyone, whatever they fancy, its on me.

Smudge meows through the wormhole. I'll be back in 2 week, mate!

See you!