Midnight Pub

Autumn in Small Town on West Coast


The sky is cloudy grey that's makes one wonder if today the day that the rain will finally come to this very dry land suffering from this summer's harsh punishment. it's have finally begun to feel more like Autumn, but the trees were delay charging their colors and slowly begin to shed some of their colors off. and all I can do is stay in my shelter and keep warm preparing for the weather to slowly get colder by each passing day. of course, there are dangers that occur in the colder months. mists that blind your field of view but touching your skin with chilly breezes hitting against your face and small water particles landing on your hands that are invisible. but you're greeted by frost cover plants and tricky grey passageways waiting for you to fall. along with multiple color vehicles passing through the rocky black paths. living in a small town in west coast is full of unexpected surprise but at the same time can be a bit dangerous at night.


Author notes: in case some people are confused by this post, it's my thoughts and experience with living in a small town on west coast with the closest city is 5-15 minutes away depending on traffic. along with having some weeks being warm (late 60s-early80sF) and others being cold (mid 40s-mid 60s F). along with some trees didn't have all their leaves off their branches yet. hope this clear everything up and my next post will be an introduction