Midnight Pub

Here's to a BASIC year!


I was first surprised when I listened to what oracle said:

May You Have an Uninteresting Year

An uninteresting year isn't the first thing you hear being wished at this time yet, oracle's message made me feel good and happy, so to all of us around, may we have an uninteresting 2021 year!

I hope you flourish. I hope you succeed at whatever goal you always suspected was dozens of years in the future. I hope you find that whatever 2020 has sucked from you has been replenished without you even noticing, as simply as making a fresh cup of coffee and getting back at it.

May the same happen to you, pal. You wrote a good reminder that even the simple things can bring joy. And speaking of a fresh cup of coffee, I wouldn't mind one, bartender!

In 2020, I had fun learning about PICO-8, a "fantasy console" where we can program simple games in lua. I was inspired and created a game about the Midnight, you can find it here if you haven't tried it already:

Pico Midnight

This year, I might write a new episode of that game. Maybe I'll try it in another language? I've always wanted to learn BASIC.

Thanks for the round, oracle, next one's on me.


I've actually done some rather rudimentary programming in BASIC, if you'd like to talk about it. Maybe you can help me learn, too. I use XMPP and Matrix if ever you should wish to chat.



Hi, happy new year!

That game was cute, did you make it from top to bottom, pixel art included?

Pixelated games always have that kind of retro-vibe which brings out nostalgia and affection.

Good luck with the new episode!



Thank you teacup! Yes, I drew everything using PICO-8


It's a very nice little engine.