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Where Does the Money Goes?


Where does the money goes to? by Aharon Viessklinger

When you Live in Israel you come accustomed to life here and to there weirdness… Israel is a country with a bankrupt welfare, health and education systems – the reason for this is that the money flows to “other” places – the state of Israel is unwilling to supply it’s citizens with health welfare and education – even when there is laws to force the state to give such services and systems to the public – the state “drys” them slowly by sub budgeting them and not funding them – this is why Israel public health system is collapsing and the welfare minister is neglected for years by the government and education does not teaches values such as “democracy” but instead the education is split between “secular” and “religious” sectors each one teaches it’s own values (the secular will push you for math and hi-tech the religious one will push you find your place among the religious sector and live a religious life funded by the state you won’t know English or math but you will know that the state will fund you and your family for life)

so where does the money goes to?


1) to the army

2) to the settlements in occupied territory

3) to religious sectors and their political parties for political support in the Knesset (Israel's parliament) as bribe to those sectors the state finance religious people from birth to grave without them needing to work for a living (if you are religious jew the state will pay you to not work for life)

these are the real priorities of Israel’s governments for decades… along side corrupt politicians and corrupt Leadership as well as a corrupt Capitalistic economy…

all this leads to a neglect of the poor the weak and the most basic rights and public services to ordinary citizens…

the truth is the state has given up of trying to supply the services for good public health or good welfare or equal and good education for all it’s people long time ago…

corruption greed and hatred runs here deep… Israel is First of All “a war machine in a war zone” and such abnormalities are at it’s core…

instead of democratic values there are “religious values” that unites a growing sectors of the public… religious Israelis believe in democracy as long as it serves their goals and purposes and when it stops to serve them they turn to fanaticism and violence (so it seems)