Midnight Pub

Re: ~zampano Mirror


I somewhat agree with you about recent Midnight changes. I have been missing the monospaced white-on-black with pink accents of the Midnight that I grew up on. Now I feel the writer's block of a new Word document. In the meantime, I've been using [Dark Reader](https://darkreader.org/) to alleviate the light theme pains. A dark theme does much of the heavy lifting to establish the feeling of a dimly lit, cozy back-alley pub.

As for replies: well, here I am, doing my best to reply nonetheless. Sometimes I have nothing important to say, but I still want to sit down with a drink and chit-chat with the other patrons. With threads gone, I've had to consider how I interact with the Midnight. And that has been...well, no interaction.

I can't exactly say I like the Midnight's current identity. In fact, with recent changes I'm not entirely sure what the Midnight's identity is, or what it is supposed to be. Still, I respect both ~m15o and ~bartender for their work on the Midnight and their boldness to experiment. I trust their judgement and believe they will arrive at a satisfactory solution in the end.