Midnight Pub

My new fridge choose issue...


Hey, long time since my last visit here. Barman, can I have one cup of tea, please?

So, actually, I have an issue. I have an old fridge (has about ten years, maybe more, it is a second-hand fridge) with a frost issue in the freezer part (too much frost, maybe I should defrost my fridge more often 😅) and I should change this since about some months (or years, but I have good pretexts to postpone it). I try to do some search, but for the moment, I don't found the good fridge for me, take time to decide, said "yes, but I have to be organized and chose the right moment to do the change". More generally, I have two ways to buy things :

With age (or just currently, I don't know), I think I am more in the second way for "big" purchases. Or, I do too many searches about think instead of do think, I don't know. 🤔

I have to make a decision about it (and some other purchases, I have anticipated, like a pet water fountain for my cat or maybe a bigger TV). 😅


Big purchases are a pain. I find it makes sense to keep abreast of the best X released each year if you can manage it. r/BuyItForLife can be overwhelming to look at all at once.