Midnight Pub

the tranquility of societal unattractiveness


As the new year rolls in, threatening once more to bring us to the brink of existentialistic ruin, as the chatbots and artbots tilt their heads towards destroying any sense of human genuineness... I can't help but sit and admire the silence in my life.

For example, this website.

It's been about a week since anyone posted anything, and the last few posts were the usual run-of-the-mill update posts. And this is a good thing, since I can trust that these were posts written by humans conveying human thoughts, and not a bot trying to sell me someone else's ideas.

I can trust the people on this site from the pure observation that not many people post here: i.e. we are unattractive to most web users, and there is no ROI for someone to set a bot here to game us.

It's the same with me and my SO. I can proudly say that we are not people who obsess for hours in the mirror each morning to make us attractive to the world (and therefore of societal worth). No, we're clean and presentable to the outside world, but our attraction to one another is determined mostly through small acts of love and kindness which the outside world doesn't see nor care about.

(I should at this point stress that I'm very physically attracted to her, and find her lack of vanity refreshing compared to a woman who would cake herself with makeup (not that that is necessarily a bad thing to do)).

I can see a common future together, because I don't need to worry that she'll leave me for the Next Best Thing™, because she's not with me for my looks or my money ("hah" I should add here), but the comfort and humour I give her, and I can tell she is likewise with me.

I'm not really sure what I'm saying in this post, but there's just something so peaceful in pursuing something that not many people would pursue, because you can trust that any mutual arrangement isn't conditional on an outside metric of success, but a deep and personal one that is subjective only to the scant number of parties involved.


Cheers to that, friend!