Midnight Pub




The alley is covered in snow.

My cigarette is the only thing keeping me warm. The smoke makes me feel alive. "That'll kill you" - I remember her saying.

I'm leaning against the exterior wall of that pub I've heard about. As I'm throwing the cigarette in the snow, I notice I'm not alone in front of the it. I nod at the person drinking vin brule and decide to step in.

I'm supposed to meet her here tonight. I feel tensed. Last time I saw her was 10 years ago. I threw all the pictures I had of us, they made me feel too sad. I think I'll recognize her but 10 years is a long time.

As I open the door, the warmth drags me in. The door closes. I hear people talking, laughing. There's jazz playing. Gust of wind shake the window but I feel safe in here.

The barkeep notices me and I node. "Bourbon, no ice.". I realize I've dreamed of this moment almost every night for 10 years. I down the bourbon and ask for a refill.

"Rough day?" asks the barkeep?

"I need more courage to meet the first woman I've ever loved"

"Say no more"

As the bartender works out a cocktail, someone sits next to me. It's not her. "It'll take the same" said the person, after extending his hand "I'm brewed, nice to meet you".

It's 00:20, no sign of her.

When suddenly the door opens.


Welcome dawn!

I hope it wasn't me getting back in from the terrace, that would be a shame.

To be honest, apart from you and the lonely cat on the roofs I didn't notice anyone else.

Maybe I was just so distracted I didn't pay attention, after all, I don't even remember finishing my drink...



Hehe, that might have been you! Although vin brule, the snow, and Smudge, hard to pay attention to lots of other things. ;)