Midnight Pub

Weird thoughts of a sleep deprived mind


After doing the grocery shopping and on my way home i suddenly remembred what i forgot to buy: Diapers! ... Damn... ok, back to the city, but first a quick stop at the pub. I am lucky and its open so i walk to the bar and ask for a coffee, a black one, a really strong one... The pub is mostly empty and the bartender looks not overly busy so i start talking...

You may have guessed it: My wife and i a fresh parents of a now three week old. So far everything run really smooth (or, as smooth as it could run with a newborn) but the missing sleep is killing us. Perhaps this sleep deprived state brought back memories of a post in a forum i have read way back in the early 00s. As far as i can remember the author of the post had somewhere pulled the thought that a newborn in his first weeks or months might have vivid memories of a past life, a full consciousness, but stuck in a tiny barely functioning body, not able to communicate other than through unarticulated screams or noises... pure existencial horror.

After telling my story, the judging look on the bartenders face speeks for itself... and i agree: I need to go home and get a bit of sleep.

But first: I must not forget to buy the diapers...


Hope you got some sleep ~ralfwause! Congratulations on family life <3



Congratulations! And welcome on this lovely planet, baby!

Take a nap as soon as the baby sleeps. Both of you!