Midnight Pub

It gets pretty tilty in that house.


I'll have some jimbeam, the white label, a double. Maybe it's just time I got away from that Tax Rd. house. To be sure I'll be sad to leave those bunch, even though they mostly don't pay their rent share and I tend to cover. Yeah, I'll miss their pills, but it's their companionship I'll mostly miss. Tinny too, you know, even though the frogness is pretty far along in her by now. She can't even talk anymore, or maybe even listen. She's about ready for to move to the pond for good, so our time's up either way. I got to accept the regress, same as death. Still hard, though.

Better to drink here, the bar's more level than at home. At least moreso. It gets pretty tilty in that house. You know, even when those ol' ones never break earth, their acid eats away the foundation. Can't be much left of it. Same as for the pipes, but those were shot long ago. That's the other thing, I like how this place has toilets that work, too. I think want to live in a place that still has water service. Worth a look, at least.