Midnight Pub



I'm exhausted. It's simple mathematics: I wake up too early, and go to bed too late. Not even because I'm procrastinating, but because it's what my family's schedule demands. This will mess your system real fast. And, unlike in my younger years, I cannot catch up in the weekends.

Noone has sympathy for the exhausted. The plight of sleep deprivation is great: reduced cognitive abilities, stress and anxiety, mood swings, vulnerability to diseases, injuries, despair.

But there's this idea that it's my fault if I don't sleep. They'll tell me to drink milk, take melatonine or meditate before going to sleep. They'll tell me I should better organize my cooking, make things in the weekend, use stuff that make less of a mess. And beside, we're all tired at the end of the day, aren't we?

I'm kind of exhausted with that too. In the end, it's simple mathematics.


Sleep deprivation sucks. Sorry you're dealing with that and little understanding from your family ~locha. I hope you get an opportunity to get some rest soon.



Hello ~locha, for entirely different reasons I went into a sleep deprived state a few weeks ago. Man, was I grumpy. I'd explode for no reason. It even took me a few days to realize, that sleep deprivation was causing this. I changed the path into that desaster a bit, and I'm much better now.

So, whether or not its your "fault" --- that's not helpful. However, you are the only person, who can realistically do anything about it. . :-) One thing I'm sick and tired of is hearing are all the well meant suggestions from all those folks, who obviously are not fighting the same fight. Sighhhh.

~bartender? How about some soothing tea with the best herbs this planet has to offer. Yes, yes, like a magic drink to go to sleep and have a "black as the night is black in Africa" night, black and sans dreams. Thank you so much!