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odd little film


I was trying to find something worth watching on my neglected Tubi account and after some awful false starts (tip: much of Bryan Cranston's early work is best missed, though it's not his fault) I found a budget production called "Big Dark Energy" and was drawn in by the soundtrack (sounds like throat-singing in parts).

The visuals don't seem much chop at first. You might be thinking "student film" and/or "what were they on??" but it does eventually feel structured and like it's going somewhere.

from IMDb :

A top-secret experiment with a quantum computer unleashes an inter-dimensional entity into the multiverse, with apocalyptic consequences for humanity.
Big Dark Energy (2022)


The director has an interesting name: "Metatron" [1], which sounds like one of those power groups like "Man Of Action" who created the Ben10 franchise[2].

The director is apparently the author of "Black Hole Alien Zombies! (2021)", which is a pretty cool name for a film. It reminds me a bit of "Alien Raiders (2008)"[3], which is something in between an A and a B movie, but also thoroughly enjoyable.

1: Metatron
2: Man of Action
3: Alien Raiders


I shall check those out too! *thumbs up*