Midnight Pub



Somehow I always imagined that I'd be older than this before I started being on multiple pills per day, but I've never been that great when it comes to foresight. It'll be interesting to see if, assuming the newest addition (a little guy called aripiprazole) is effective, there's a noticeable shift in topics and/or tone in my writing.

It's my first day back to the day job after the holiday break, and while productivity hasn't exactly been high, I *have* managed to avoid adding booze to my tea. I didn't get as much reading done over the break as I would've liked. But I did go shooting in the woods, which beats the hell out of a paid range (and not just because of the cost). And this despite ammo prices being insane right now.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at migrating my personal Nextcloud setup. I've been using Vultr, which has been fine, but I'm trying to minimize the amount of personal information accessible to any US-based company. I'm looking at either Scaleway (based in French, really good customer support so far) or 1984.is (super privacy-conscious). Of course, I also need to switch OSes, since Red Hat recently decided that CentOS isn't going to be a thing much longer.