Midnight Pub

# Testing midnight.sh


~bartender: a flat white, please.

There seems to be conditions under which "midnight.sh" does not work... in particular, the server often seems to answer that there is no content, especially when I'm sending only one line as a reply.

Anyone knows how that check works?



~bartender? A glass of water, a Single Malt, Ardbeg preferred tonight, and a bowl of tapas, please. Thank you so much. I will need some coffee before leaving, though.

turning to ~locha, who is sitting on my preferred table --- because there is a power outlet near


I peek over their shoulder, they are fiddling with "The Script". Oh my.

Hello ~locha, I never got that to work either. Dunno why.

There were some suggestions in posts here, but, who? or when? Hmm.

I consult my journal, but it might take a while ...

Ah, here we go. It was around this post: