Midnight Pub

slowing down


~bartender, an iced americano please.

I'm approaching 2 years of sobriety which I'm thankful for and proud that I was able to make that decision without being forced into it. That said, addictions are everywhere so although I haven't used drugs (I'll make my one exception for caffeine) I can see the media, consumerist, and productivity type addictions trying to step up. I'm glad I can recognize it and so as I approach an anniversary of sobriety I've been mindful that there's more to sobriety than not using.

Despite my drink of choice, I'm slowing down. I am taking time to exist without feeling the need to be doing or consuming. I [see] some similar sentiments here and I appreciate that.

Note: This isn't a statement for how other people should live. My sobriety is not a moral decision, purely one of survival.

Cheers y'all!