Midnight Pub



Hello, I'm new here :-) An occasional surfer, when the moon allows it, but it keeps me up all night. I'll stick to beer for tonight. I hope everyone is having a good time.


Hello, ~user22101998! Welcome to our smol pub!

I'm having a wine today, as I'm starting to realize I sometimes like wine! Curious how taste can change, even when you think it won't anymore, cause you're nearing 40!

Things change, you change. Or at least you can change, if you want. And sometimes you just change, and you fight that change.

Don't do that. Embrace the change. Accept it. You'll still be you.

I will now change the subject, because I realize I'm ranting, so, new subject:

Have fun! Come again :)



Hello ~user22101998, welcome to The Midnight. ~bartender has amazing cupboards an will find pretty much anything, you like. I can recommend the craft beer. :)