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Speaking of music...


While the pub does not seem to attract fellow watchers of it, the – at least where I was born – unavoidable disaster called "Eurovision" was blasting through the televisions, laptops and tablets in the homes of millions of people. For some reason, it's quite hilarious how this show is more corrupt and scandalous than your average World Cup game, and this contest is not even a truly global song competition!

Fans love and hate the drama it generates, those uninterested rightfully complain of uninterested people being forced to pay for it. In the end, the only people happy about it are a French billionaire, a Chinese holding company, the all-too-pervasive Chinese social media app and the members of the European Broadcasting Union using Eurovision as a gateway for lucrative deals. Everyone knows that this show is not about music or whatever the hosts try to preach, however this year's contest couldn't have made it more obvious that plain corruption in favor of American record labels and Chinese social media apps is far more important than the "wackiness" this contest prides itself with.

The biggest loser isn't Germany for reaching last place again, despite having ticked every box of the "typical Eurovision song" checklist; the biggest loser isn't Sweden's Loreen, who now is widely regarded as a contestant having ruined their own "legacy" – no, who lost are the people that gave Eurovision its silly reputation it became known for. In the end, they received a "radio-friendly" generic pop song and a host that used a war to make it all about themselves and the winner of 2023, which wasn't known before the votes were publicized, yet heavily hinted on with the unexpected appearance of a former winner from the same country and an unusually high amount of references to Sweden throughout the show.

In my case, I'll take my newly discovered artists and simply leave again, quietly appreciating the artistry, wackiness and bravery of my newly-found gems . As some of you mentioned having a preference for metal music, you might like some of my picks, though as a matter of fact, no de-googled frontend will load videos uploaded by the main channel of the Eurovision Song Contest, so don't forget to keep your favorite ad-blocker turned on!

With that being said, cheers!

Lord of the Lost - Blood & Glitter (Germany)
Käärija - Cha Cha Cha (Finland)
Voyager - Promise (Australia)
Luke Black - Samo Mi Se Spava (Serbia)
Joker Our - Carpe Diem (Slovenia)
Alessandra - Queen of Kings (Norway)
Albina & Familja Kelmendi - Duje (Albania)


I also think that this is a politically biased show.



I saw through some friends that was a shitshow. They were all rooting for Käärija. Its a really nice song.



Käärija received an overwhelming amount of support even from other contestants and at least I cannot blame them; he's a silly short guy from a country with a "weird" language that only wants to entertain. Crazy, yet extremely humble and simply the opposite to mainstream pop music.

Though it should be said that Eurovision always has been a shitshow and its very first run is no exception. The rankings of six out of the seven contestants from 1956 still are a mystery to this day, only the recording of the winner's performance survived, and rumors claim that Switzerland's victory was a result of politics. This year certainly proved to be no exception of this unspoken rule.



Gods... I can only imagine what is happening on the background. Pretty shady stuff it seems.