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help me. i'm genuinely losing hours of my life just thinking about game UI and polyptyches for 3/5 of my paracosms; not even doing something else, i'm just lying in bed worlding (re: ian cheng emissaries guide) all the time. trying to write write write down as much of all of them as i possibly can (this is one such iteration, if you'll forgive me) BASICALLY i need to place it gently outside of my skull so i can start all my work on all my work (which is to say, you can ignore this if you want; i've said similar on my other posts):

1a. Citizen Sleeper/CultSim narrative roguelike, rendered in lowpolyscapes of a mutating, slipshifting city, overlaid with windows and wheels of Kentucky Route Zero UI, those thin white lines of imaginative, seemingly ritual interfaces(still in love with how their highway was designed as a puzzle/lock you navigate by folklore than map)... Because here you are, the laws of this alternate multiverse a form of ritual magic; a procession of processes. Illustrations in the Joao Ruas(too lazy to find the diacritic).

1b. The league (or the knot, or the fathom) warps across the country, spurts and startles and, draped like a soft crescent, sits stately over your city. The league is a longform ritual space, a legal gray area contractually invoked in the affairs between the material and the immaterial. It's physical, more than it should be. Follows wherever its king goes, the scars on his face like tears. His favour, among the blessings to auction for or the decrees up for legislature, is what you and every other participant of the league fight over.

2a. Struggled a lot with this one... definitely a gachapon, Combat conducted as a tactical RPG. caelillium style UI and graphics, almost medieval, whether that,s Europe or the Caliphates, but something that invokes a sense of time, of age. Pale grasses, and the diamond as a repeated shape because I think it's underrated. Use to have isometric-and-then-cartographic elements but watching all these mobile gachas just have a lobby suffice for their games makes me not so demanding when it comes to my (entirely fictional) labour. Also, does not pass the bechdel test; I'm sorry but I really only made this one because I have a 300 line long spreadsheet of men i find hot(gay) and i needed somewhere to put them.

2b. Some 80 years after the fall of the Central Empire, and you arrive to its former capital, the newly democratic city-state of Viast, the Panopolis, the Roadstar. A city of shrines, where history bursts the skin of the air and its fraying edges obscure your vision. You on your pilgrimage, one you don't know you're making. A deep, white-hot potential, embedded in your chest, one you're carrying to the centre of the world. It bursts out of you. You, made to bear witness to a dynasty of interplanar, extraplanar contests and sociological reverberations.

3a. comic. more probably regularly updated webcomic backed by a patreon that makes other, smaller comics set in the same world and explores smaller, more lore-based parts of the world. my most feasible and my most fleshed out(which is a pun, but you don't know that yet.) posted about this one already! but not in a really very interesting way, if i'm being honest.

3b. DEAD WHALE/HIVE WHALE: which is the term for their planet, or perhaps the crown of their planet, a corona of space station mixed with whale corpse, and the architecture and science that sprung between the two. Because that's what their philosophy entails it to be: a collaborative alchemy. It is what informs their holobionts, mechas made from compact ecology, wetware representative of their biomes. it is what informs their healing journey. Certain ecoterrorist cells fly out their seccesionist commune to heal against and war against the pollution and imperialism of interstellar corprostates. One of those terrorist cells saved you.