Midnight Pub

from main streets to alleyways


Those city lights are just too bright sometimes, aren't they? Can't remember exactly how I got here, but I'm here. Actually, I do remember getting a note about this place while ago... but, better late than never, as they say. My name is spikeinthepunch, which is a pseudonym of mine that I felt would be nice to dust off for a new place like this. That being said I won't hide my outside name- its morrysillusion, if you need to know.

Life's been a little wack! A bit out of sorts but not bad. Its been hard to focus, so I'm not entirely sure how much I'll be able to get here... But this place seems nice, and I was eager to check it out. The creative energy and the smaller community- its nice, and I have been trying to push myself to those kinds of places instead of... the bigger, overwhelming sea of social media spaces. It exhausts me, and annoyingly feel tied to such spaces due to the whole uh, need to have a presence in order to have an online audience, in order to have an online career of some sort. All that. It's frustrating that I have to balance these two ends of my internet experience.

Seeing places like this as a way to break away is important to me. I already do a lot of personal management on those other websites too. Little people i follow, browser plugins to hide loads of menus/recommended tabs, etc etc. But with that, I dont have much other socializing if I close that off for a bit.. :P And I would like for messengers like discord to not be the norm for me either, because problems are arising with that too.

I love the internet. And I want to use it in a way I can enjoy, a way that won't have me pissed off or upset by some random article or person- or drained and anxious by the amount of things to see and think about.

I made a neocities website over a year ago, and I quite enjoy it! (currently in the middle of redoing it with new code). However sidetracked I have been, I am still looking, I am still around the spaces, and using them... so yes, I want to hang around here as frequently as I can.

Alright- Okay. I am going on for too long. But you'll probably catch me in here presenting some writing of fiction or non-fiction that will often be... longer than intended (erm, like my introduction here.) Though any rather... off topic non-fiction that seems a bit too random will stay to my own separate blog probably.- especially ones I need to put more formatting too haha.


Hello, i too estblished a neocities web, only text, very minimal,work in progress 😀



~barkeep, a drink for the newcomer!

Welcome ~spikeinthepunch, you’ve found yourself a good place. It’s a slower pace, much slower than what you might be used to. But there’s a real sense of community here, and the feeling that the things you write have a little bit more meaning.

I won’t pretend I’m a regular, just arrived myself. But I’ve found the folk mighty welcoming. If you’re looking for recommendations of some sights to see, let me know, help to help.

Enjoy your time at the pub, don’t be a stranger.