Midnight Pub

This week - sick and food


/sips a mojito/

I want to write about interesting things, but I was sick last week. I'm still getting over it. Not covid luckily or the recovery would be even slower. The worst part was I was so cranky it was hard to relax and sleep it off.

Yesterday I went to the asian market with my tiny family. My mom really loves going. We stocked up on dry goods like various noodles, sauces and even got a few snack. I love those giant Japanese teas in the boxy bottles. We got some fresh items like mint and cilantro. I had some chilled rice stick noodles with herbs, nuoc mam and duck. Tasty.

How are you all? Done anything interesting?


Thank heavens for migrant workers, bringing their cuisine and their local minimarkets with them, allowing us to fight off the price-gauging tactics of our own supermarkets and to get delicious products from other countries.