Midnight Pub

Pressing buttons


Hi. I'm just a developer spending an evening at the pub. I decided I wanted to use the keyboards I build for something other than writing code at work.

Despite having built 10 or so keyboards with different layouts and materials, I can't really say I've found a favorite. So, I hoard them in drawers and swap them around my desks when I remember they exist. When the urge to swap keyboards comes over me, I'll stumble into here and press some buttons.

I'll take an old fashioned please.


I am into keyboards, but not in the same way as some people. After I built my first keyboard (Glorious GMMK Pro with Pandas), I felt like it was good enough. Didn't really feel the urge to build or buy another. Unless it's a split.

Was the same way with my headphones. After I got my current setup (HD 6XX with Massdrop DAC/Amp), I know further improvements are going to be so marginal to not really be worth it.

I'm learning to buy what I really want up front instead of buying something cheaper to replace later.