Midnight Pub

A strange stop


It's past 2 A.M. A young wanderer stands at the entrance, hesitate to come in. Exhausted from the vibrant journey, they seek quiet routes to recharge. And something to drink. This place seems like a weird detour, and they already forget who point them here.

"That's me an hour ago. And this cold brew is just so good." --commented the wanderer, "Thank you for having me here!".


Howdy ~toochill, welcome to the Midnight!

~bartender? I'd join in on hot chocolate, please. Thanks!

/me is going to stare out the window. After a moment my drink arrives at the table I chose. Smudge aims for my lap. Ok, ok, go for it, I think. What is a pub without a cat like? My mind wanders. And wonders.

~toochill? If you are in the mood to tell us a bit about the strange or familiar lands you traveled, I'm all ears. Seeing, that things can be done differently, is important in order to grow up.




Tracker stirs his hot chocolate and takes another sip, raising his glass to the new patron.

"Welcome to the Midnight Pub. The atmosphere here is both introspective and laid back with ample opportunity to kick back and relax or to join in on any of the conversations going on around the pub. Since arriving here myself, I've noticed a uniquely welcoming and inviting atmosphere from everyone I've observed. Here's hoping you have a similarly positive experience."

Sitting back in his chair, Tracker takes another sip of his drink and smiles.