Midnight Pub



Recently got midnightpub as a way to write longer content and to be a part of geminispace so Hi!

Started learning Ruby about a week ago. Pretty alright if I do say so myself. Nothing much else at the moment



This site also works in www browsers so I don't feel it is part of Gemini space. Myself accessing by Brave browser mainly from phone.



from someone that arrived at The MidnightPub a few minutes ago, welcome!

i hope you enjoy your time in the geminispace. there are so many cool people around (not including myself... at least not yet?).

what's the inspiration behind learning ruby? do you have a project in mind you're working towards?



Thanks for the warm welcome ; Just learning to learn honestly. I learned python a while back but I'm taking a breaak from ruby at the moment to work more on my python craft (if that makes sense.)