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TLDR? Check out my really cool capsule


About 17 days ago I fixed a bug in the server hosting software I use for my Gemini servers. The moment I did that, I started working on a new CGI based Gemini capsule. I kind of hyperfixated on it lol.

It's a place where any registered user can make posts, like, repost, reply, follow other users, etc. All posts can have image embeddings too.

It uses some interesting methods to create interactive form pages, as well as very comprehensive user experience settings (with more to come).

All of this is done entirely within Gemini, taking its protocol to its limits for some specific things.

Anyone can view the posts created (and there are posts), so give it a look if you'd like!

I'm open to feedback, and would love to see this become a place for collaboration and communication done purely in Gemini. I'm really proud of it.

Check it out!


P.S. If you do register, I would recommend using the identity you registered with for the entire domain (through the use of a bookmark in Lagrange).

~ abraxas