Midnight Pub

Timid hello


I shouldn't be at a pub mid-afternoon on a Thursday... there's work to be done. But there's always work to be done, that will never change.

I order a tall pint of Guinness but quickly change my mind. Espresso con panna instead. I'll regret the caffeine, but not as much as I would the alcohol.

I'm no stranger to places like this. I've been in and out of them for years, nearly two decades at this point. This one feels different, but maybe that's just my wishful thinking. I give a fake name so I can tell a real story.

A story to be continued at a later date, over a larger mug.



(Chugs the beer)

It seems I am too familiar with Markdown for my own good... Forgetting what Gemtext is



Thanks! Markdown is automatic for me as well. Working and playing in the webs for too long.