Midnight Pub

An Anecdote from Another Place


Just yesterday, far away from Nightfall, I spent some time at a much more crowded place. It was noisy and the scent of exhaust fumes was so strong that it seemingly affected the inhabitants' minds negatively.

Two guys were arguing not too far away from me. While I couldn't understand what the first guy was saying, the other began to yell and gesticulate wildly:

WHO CARES?! Biology gives us cancer, biology gives us death, biology gives us pain killers. We need to dominate biology, so we can live how WE want and I don't care about your biologism!

The guys were joined by a woman claiming to be a marine biologist and agreeing wholeheartedly with the guy yelling himself into a rage.

How paradox. At least from the marine biologist I would have expected a more nuanced response, yet this doesn't seem to be encouraged at this place. But considering that the other two guys appeared to be academics, as well, I wonder if that is supposed to be a reflection of the current state of academia and higher learning, which is... disappointing enough to have made me leave this place immediately, to say the least.

... ~bartender, the best rum you can offer. This childish argument will haunt me for a while.