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Coffee 3


I am 3 months without coffee. I don’t have lust or cravings. But I have gained some weight as I replaced this addiction with adding more sugary food.

I gained weight also because I was spending whole summer on the sofa after knee surgery.

I am thinking to have a coffee again. Maybe. I already proved to myself I can live without it.


for the record - I drink coffee again, I doing well, decided to start again because I like this beverage



Good morning!

Hope your knee is getting better!

I'm mostly sitting at home, because, äh, one of my eyes has suffered "ablatio retinae". One of those useless things you get without asking. However, I have to say, I'm very impressed what a skilled surgeon can do to keep damage small.

To the folks above 40 or so, get your eyes checked once a year, please. There are avoidable troubles if detected early on, like glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Lots of patience to all currently suffering whatever!



I tried a cup of strong coffee today as I needed a boost. I got terrible headache. My brain is not used to it any more. I will continue coffeeless life as it does not make a sense now.

My knee…I am going to physical therapist twice a week. Starting to ride a bike, but very short trails. Still not back to normal.

Hope you will get better, too.



Unlike most drugs, coffee's slightly good for you (antioxydant, small cognitive boost, delicious), if it's not contributing to your anxiety or sleeplessness.