Midnight Pub

60 feet


- I stumble into the bar, drunk already, and mumbling to myself.

It should take five steps to reach the line. After that, well, it's all out of your hands.

Each lane is made up of 39 boards and each of those are an inch wide. From the line to the head is exactly 60 feet.

The pins themselves are a foot apart, ten in total.

As the ball skids down, it wicks the oil as it heads into the drier back ends.

The wooden boards absorb the oil and grab hold of the urethane, pulling the ball out of a skid and into it's final path.

The roll strikes the pocket, transfers spin and crashes through. The aftershock bounces between the kickboards to send a messenger that'll deliver against the ten.

The ball itself returns with a beautiful flair.

A little less luck, a little less oil, a little off balance, or just an inch off... well.

- Make that a double, Bartender.


Nice shot! I never realized that there was a bowling game next to the lounge of the Midnight. Maybe I could join for a game? Oh and by the way, you are invited to join our table if you feel like it!

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