Midnight Pub

First poo


My daughter made her first poop in the potty. It's kind of a big deal, and not something I can really share elsewhere, so y'all are getting that.

I feel it's a bit of a rite of passage, because it crowns a string of achievements: eating alone, putting on clothes, playing alone, etc.

She's been slowly getting there, but now, it's official: not a baby anymore. And I'll get to play a different role. When you take care of a baby, it's super intimate. You're constantly in each other's body intimacy. Which is why I've never seen a guy work in a daycare (Besides me as a student I guess? Now that I think about it, my boss was quite forward-thinking.).

~bartender, some champagne please! Let's drink to my big girl's health!


Congrats on a milestone in parenthood and cheers to your daughter's good health.



Congratulations to your daughter! :)