Midnight Pub

...Hha tcsh



did you catch cold?


thanks, im all good. I just trashed the computer. Ill take something without alcohol for a change. Pleas squeeze two oranges and a lemon and add a spoon of brown sugar. I will mix it with fresh spring water that i carry with me...

Im a bit shy with women. At first. I do enjoy the female drive. And i like to listen. I am also an open person, to share, exchange... but first we have to establish a secure connection.

Network of trust

When trust is being promoted and marketed - being used in promotional spinoffs, you can imagine that we fell deep. But lets do what we can, to keep the data-stream secure.

Admins book of spells

A deep-dive into the web brought me from clearweb, to the darkweb and back to the smolweb... I grabbed some pages from the Admins book of spells, relevant to my OS and hardware and went to a safe place to inspect the whole thing. Reading the material carefully, gave me some confidence and the insights gave me more understanding how the network functions.

If you're recurrently or even constantly on a hostile network, then you've got bigger problems than this one...

I go through the section once more. When i start with setting up, the whole thing will get more clear. The text is even using some explicit language that is usually being avoided in the tech-guides. Then we come to the section that made me start the terminal.

If you really can't avoid that, or you're incredibly paranoid, then...

So i started the terminal. And went

exec tcsh



and did some things is the /bin/ section of the system structure. Then i noticed i got locked out of the shell. Waw cool. Then the system stopped, screen got black and two lines of text were flashing in the upper left corner of the screen. I reboot the machine. Black screen. Same text flickering.

I broke the system

I felt like being re-leaved of something. Peace, fulfillment and calm. And i was happy about it. I left the tech behind and joined the party on the garden behind the house. I felt good. Did not tell anyone about it - they would think i did something horrible.


real shit



Sysadmins have spoiled more systems than the bad guys, so it is said :)



yea... sysadmins and state-crackers (the ones forking for the "safety of all of us"). Was looking if i could identify some bad guy - but then it turned out like i am the bad guy.

By creating some "traps"... And you wont believe i did catch a MITM. At least to me it seams a man in the middle attack:


i used the classifieds tool of midnight.city. I made a screen-shot of the catch - the posted text in the terminal was not equal to the text displayed on the classifieds service...

Was my reasoning right?