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My RomCom List


This afternoon I saw an Instagram thread about romantic comedies; I am the complete opposite of a film buff, but I was embarrassed by the low number of films I had seen on that list.

So I decided to watch all the ones on that list that I haven't seen yet, and re-watch the ones I know I've seen but don't remember the plot.

Of all of them, I know that I have watched Bridget Jones's Diary and The Princess Diaries, but I don't remember the plot of them very well. I also recently tried to watch The Notebook, but I couldn't watch it all because I was dying of cringe, it will be very difficult to watch.

I will try to write small reviews of every movie I watch.

Wish me luck.


good luck!!! i haven't watched much (any, actually) of these either but it sounds fun in a intra-2000's inquisition kind of way (the same feeling you get watching freaky friday for the first time in 2022, not told how the entire plot relies on "chinese vodou")