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Confidence and Lindy Hop


I just started taking a Lindy Hop class at the beginning of this month and it's been an insane amount of fun! I love how expressive the dance is and it's been a really great way to socialize with people in my new city!

I realized that as a novice in new activities or situations, I'm quite anxious and can lack some confidence. I apologize a lot for messing up, I freeze up, i'm afraid to ask people to dance only knowing two moves, it's intimidating. Especially when i'm dancing with a cute girl.

I went to a dance social last night and danced with a ton of people! One of the guys in my class was very kind and introduced some people to me to get me out of my shell and it definitely helped. I asked a couple others to dance on my own and it feels really good. It's vulnerable and scary, but good.

Last night and this morning my mind keeps obsessing over the flaws of it such as... I was a horrible dancer, she thought i was so weird, they definitely didn't like me.. and things like that. But i'm trying to be a more confident person and am trying to focus on the things that went well instead of the perhaps irrational insecurities that flare-up in life.

So... I think that it's awesome that i've been trying to direct all of my focus on learning these new moves instead of what others think about me. I think it's great that i'm being comfortable enough with being uncomfortable to dance with others to learn a new hobby together. I'm proud that I stuck it out and stayed up late, not using excuses to get out of it, to dance and meet some cool new people.


As another terrible dancer, whenever I hear about dancing, I think about how one day I'd like to learn how to dance so I can do it properly once, but it's always just a thought. Dancing alone is hard enough, but dancing with two people is an even harder goal to achieve.

Anyway, I'm always envious when I hear about people who dance. Good luck.

~bartender, Can I have an iced Americano, please?



Hey ~apollo, good to see you!

~bartender? Just hot coffee with cream and some sugar, please. Thanks!

Well, you went out "irl" --- in real life! That is where the "real life" is actually going on, no kidding. This here, may feel cozy, however, it can not be distinguished from a heap of cleverly arranged pixels. And yes, of course, this includes my message and the digital coffee --- which ~bartender serves with a smile.

So, congrats for trying out some of "real life". And many happy returns!