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sold soul to telecom industry


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I started a wireless sales job a few months ago after moving cross-country, and the nature of my job is sort of interesting.

I sell Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile in a big box store (think Costco or Walmart), and the company I work for is far from the greatest. For the most part, I've been learning on the fly in this job, as I received almost no training. However, I believe it has helped me in terms of my confidence in talking to people. It also got me interested in the state of the modern cellular industry.

The serious downside to my job is I'm mostly forbidden from doing customer service for customers, as I can purely sell plans with or without phones.

I'd say the modern cellular industry is in an interesting position currently, as the cost of plans for Verizon and T-Mobile seemingly get more expensive while AT&T is slowly selling itself off while being contracted by the federal government to build towers. Prepaid carriers are also increasingly becoming the best options, as they usually won't try to overcharge you for service.

Did I become a pawn in an industry that is unimaginably large? Perhaps.


I see what you're going through. I work on customer support in an ERP service company. I really like it, and I think I am doing a good job. However, I am often getting pulled by the arm to go into the sales team, I've managed to say no so far, but it's an endless struggle.

If you like what you're doing then you're OK. I have some colleagues that like selling, some don't. Both are needed either way to keep the business going.



Please don't get me wrong, I don't want to question your job. But I don't like to support the throwaway-society. Smartphones are only supported for 2 Years + we have to accept those "terms of use" to be able to use the Device



...btw people salvage for lithium-ion for a ridiculous salary

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Fair providers are https://www.fairphone.com/en/ or https://www.shift.eco/en/



here in aus, our consumer laws give us about 5 years free warranty on most technology, including phones, but even that imo is a high turn over! when things are built to last they can go 10+ years easily, but because capitalism is an ugly beast, companies only make them last as long as the minimum they have to, that or they convince everyone that to be the best person you can be you should upgrade every year or so. its not even just a lack of care of construction, but many companies have been caught intentionally slowing older phones down with updates "to preserve battery life" (to make the phone slower so people upgrade)



... Of course it was LG that made a really good sustainable phone in the mid 2010s haha.

I will say that I completely understand your position. I honestly don't like the state of the modern phone market either. Especially in the case of Samsung the new phones they come back with are nearly the same as previous models, to the point it is repetitive and indeed wasteful. Oh, and apple is getting just as bad if not worse too.

I worked in phone and computer repair before this job and I'm likely going to go back to it, as I actually like helping customers with problems they have.



I honestly feel like a bit of a shill for writing this post, but this has been on my mind for a while now. Also to add I only started this job as it kind of fell in my lap - it was the easiest one for me start and in the area I found myself in the industry IT is rather over-saturated. I also worked phone repair previously, it's a night and day difference to go from supporting customers with hardware and software issues to pitching them things they thoroughly don't need.