Midnight Pub



Hello there ~Bartender, pour me something strong, large.

Since shortly I am now in the later half of my life.

Work is at a still stand, I am unable to and really don't feel like I want to invest more energy into it. But I am here with 12 years working in tech, still at the lowest level. I am allowed to call myself "senior", but no one comes to me to ask for directions. I still ask my way around. Also doesn't help.

That drink on the counter, I won't drink it. I will just look at it and maybe sip it for the taste. I have stopped using alcohol since it breaks my ability to wake up at 3 am and change diapers.

Sometimes I just want to go on a run and don't look back. Like in Forrest Gump. Run without stopping, for weeks and months. Who am I kidding, I won't last 3 minutes.


Howdy ~gmund, welcome to The Midnight!

~bartender? Just coffee ... thanks.

Wife just keeps silent ...

This is not good. But you know this already, right?



Howdy! Yep I am aware of that. It's just the stuff that keeps me up at night. I really miss drinking until I can't get out of bed the next day. It's not the drinking itself, it is the feeling to be not responsible for others.