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Supermarket Nightmare


I gathered around with four friends. We were shopping for chocolate and potato chips to spend some time at a park, especially since the weather was great.

We pay for our stuff and head to the park. Suddenly, the store's staff stopped one of our friends AFTER we exited the store and paid for our stuff(we got the receipts too). They believe he stole a chocolate bar from the store. We all saw him paying for the chocolate bars so we intervened and they made us go to the back of the supermarket to speak with the manager. They made us wait for half an hour to check the camera recordings.

Now here comes the infuriating part. They couldn't find anything, so they settled for showing a recording of two strangers who pocketed some stuff from the supermarket. I don't know how showing completely unrelated individuals serves their point but WHATEVER I guess.

But it gets WORSE. After we told them we didn't know those guys, the manager started talking about how our friend was *about to* steal something but got scared out and paid for it at the last minute instead.

????????????????????? We were put away for 30 minutes because of some piece of poorly thought-out speculative fiction. It makes even less sense because we have been regulars to the store for the last two years.

But It got even WORSE as the manager started yelling at our friend who told them they had no reason to be wasting our time when we didn't steal anything and paid for everything we left the store with. After that, a heated argument broke out and after another 10 minutes of our time wasted we were let go. I got kind of hot and let out a slur to the manager on our way to the park which caused one of the staff to try to charge at us but he was stopped by his colleagues.

Long story short, we are now neither willing nor allowed to shop at that store. I guess receipts are worthless when you are dealing with somebody who thinks she is the sh*t

Now excuse me because I'll be needing a smoke


now that your friend has witnesses, he should report the store owner for defamation. There is even written proof of the payment in the form of the receipt and video evidence that was seen by several people, all of whom are witnesses. If the store owner deletes the videos, he is liable to prosecution for destruction of evidence.