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New user - heya!


Hello! Just now getting around to writing a post, it's a good morning!

I'm Inderix, a high school senior who's due to go into the Navy shortly after graduation, I like messing with computers and art (mainly 3D and graphic design, learning blender right now!)

I'm new to Gemini as a whole, and found this place as a result, hope to meet cool new people here and lean from you guys! :)


Woah, good luck in the Navy! I confess I don't know much about those sorts of national organisations, but maybe I will learn about them eventually. Blender is pretty awesome too, I had a pal who used to use it quite a bit back in high-school. Hope you have fun here!



Welcome! I'm somewhat new to this website too, but I'm sure you'll be accepted in ;)

Used to think about going into the navy myself, what's the whole process like?



Hello! Glad to be welcomed!

Joining the Navy is mostly paperwork, talk to a recruiter, fill in some docs, sign a bunch of stuff.. then off to military processing where they pay for a hotel for you to stay the night, then you're bussed to a MEPs center for medical tests and signing more paperwork

All in all, I wouldn't wanna do it again, that's for sure >~<